29 Mar 2014

Trouble's lament - Tori Amos

Trouble's lament - Tori Amos
Here we are! The much waited (and even more feared) moment has come. Dear Tori Amos has released the first song of her new album. But let's take a step back: a couple (or more?) of weeks ago she has released a few pics that added up to compose the album cover. Ok, Tori is almost a robotic plastic woman, we all have to come to terms with that. I had personally seen a little improvement in the last couple of years, now it looks like she has made a step back. But come on, she's a musician not a model, and for how disturbing her appearance might get (especially remembering how beautiful a woman she used to be), it's not what matters. I will thus just say that the album cover is ok, I will do without commenting on the cover of the single so as not to hurt anybody's feelings (she did that herself already) and I will get to the music. Which, personally, is the sweetest part of all. Ok, I have listened to the song for like 3-4 times, so I can't give my ultimate opinion yet, but at least I am pleased to say that the song is DECENT. It's not her best one (no one expected it would be), but I've heard worse. I can at least hope it will grow into me. And I really wanna hope that it's not gonna become a Shattering Sea n°2 (for those of you who don't know about it, Shattering Sea was the first song released from her latest album and, in my opinion, the only pretty good one on the record) and that the record will be ok too! I a few words, I just hope we won't be listening to a troubled lament.


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